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Arty Porn is Still Porn Right?

Look, I’m not even going to pretend I understand what’s going on at this site and that’s because I am assuming that something has to be going on that I just don’t get and I expected that there was a significant chance of that happening when I read the word “Art” in the name.

I don’t have any aptitude for art at all.

All I can see is that the vibe of the site is all different and that’s my clue that I have no clue 😀

I went to an art exhibition once with an arty girl who’s pants I was trying to get into and I had no idea what the fuck people were even looking at to be honest. Which reminds of this video clip I saw recently of a guest to an art exhibition that put their umbrella on the floor next to the wall with art pieces on and before long some other visitor woman was taking pics of it thinking it’s an art piece.

So why am I here then? Because to me it’s pretty cool porn and this promo to get up to 85% off discount to Hegre Art which makes it pretty much free.

Gotta Fuck ’em All

They say “once you’ve had black you never go back” and all kinds of retarded saying to defend their positions or make something sound cool that might not necessarily be on its own. I have to say though that I would like to try it some time. Then I again I would really like to fuck women from all ethnicities and cultures for the experience. What if there really is a substantial difference? And if someone says it is so, or not, how can I really be satisfied with someone else’s opinion on something like this.

If I was to actually sit down and make a bucket list, this would be on there.

In the meantime I will just have to fantasise over it with some internet porn but that can sometimes get quite pricey. Yes I know there are all kinds of tube sites that are free but those don;t even sort of compare with the bigger and better network’s sites that has loads of complete scenes that are entirely exclusive.

You can get up to 76% off Mofos discount which offers exactly that but at a very generous price.

My Pussy’s on Fire

This pic actually made me laugh about an experience quite a few years ago…

A couple of friends and I  went camping for a week holiday at a beach location a couple of hours drive from home. It was over Christmas and New Year and since I live in the southern hemisphere it meant it was mid summer and the perfect time for a beach holiday.

The grassed camping area wasn’t very big as this wasn’t actually a popular holiday destination, it was quite a bit more secluded which meant that the tents were relatively close together.

My one mate had a new girlfriend and they were still in the early days ‘in lust’ stage and he was fucking her as often as she would let him which was pretty much all the time. I know this, because my girlfriend and I could hear them.

The one night nearing the end of the week we heard her say “oh my gawd, I need a fire extinguisher, you fucked my pussy on fire”. We burst out laughing and teased her about it for the rest of the holiday.

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The Filth Freaks Cash-In

Those look like tennis courts in the background, but I guess sine this is in the States that perhaps they’re more likely to be basketball courts. She’s not exactly aptly dress for ball sports… or is she? She most definitely is dressed perfectly for some sort of sports and that’s exactly what she’s about to get up I bet.

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Well, I’m off to go see what this girl is about to get up to with this fine ass of hers.

Ebony Teens Fucking Like Pro’s

What is it with thigh high socks? They drive me absolutely crazy and clearly I am not the only one. I see that it is even a standalone theme in some places it is that popular and this pic is no exception. The little hat isn’t a bad touch either. She’s pretty damn sexy.

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It Looks Like She’s About To Have Another Blast

Immediately before coming over to have a look at Ghetto Gaggers I was doing some work on a site that portrays white teens as celestial lesbians licking each other’s pussies on the most picturesque sets. And here I am looking at black ghetto hos getting abused and throat fucked like it’s just another day in the hood.

Perhaps the thing worth mentioning the most is that I somehow find merit in both, am aroused both and guess I can say that I get both.

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Chocolate Has Never Looked This Good

My heart almost gave in on me when I stumbled upon this ridiculously attractive specimen at Teeny Black. Her skin is so beautifully black and evenly toned that I bet you could draw a white mark on her ass with a piece of charcoal! I doubt I have ever seen a more perfect skin than this.

There are plenty of discounts and free videos from Teeny Black that I intend to check out since this seems to be the bar that they’ve set as far as quality models are concerned. The class of production is first tier too, the sets are stunning and the camera work is simply superb. it really doesn’t get much better than this.

It’s TeamSkeet after all, would you expect anything else form them but the best.