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My Pussy’s on Fire

This pic actually made me laugh about an experience quite a few years ago…

A couple of friends and I  went camping for a week holiday at a beach location a couple of hours drive from home. It was over Christmas and New Year and since I live in the southern hemisphere it meant it was mid summer and the perfect time for a beach holiday.

The grassed camping area wasn’t very big as this wasn’t actually a popular holiday destination, it was quite a bit more secluded which meant that the tents were relatively close together.

My one mate had a new girlfriend and they were still in the early days ‘in lust’ stage and he was fucking her as often as she would let him which was pretty much all the time. I know this, because my girlfriend and I could hear them.

The one night nearing the end of the week we heard her say “oh my gawd, I need a fire extinguisher, you fucked my pussy on fire”. We burst out laughing and teased her about it for the rest of the holiday.

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