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As I’ve aged, I’ve developed a new appreciation for softcore erotica. I used to only watch porn that was in your face and raunchy as hell. As I matured, I realized that using your imagination and having the suggestion of a fantasy can be way sexier than any explicit content. When I came across this Hegre discount for up to 85% off, I signed up right away.

This is a site that cuts no corners and pays attention to even the smallest details. The production quality is just as impressive as the roster. You’ll be able to find every kind of hottie you could ever hope for. The diversity here is great so you’ll be able to pick a different beauty every day to fall in love with. 

The site got its start back in 2002 and has been going strong ever since. They keep it simple by finding the most gorgeous girls and having them strip down completely nude in the most gorgeous locations. Although the content isn’t explicit, it’s hot enough to leave you with your balls completely drained every time you view.